Tre Mosley
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Sexy. Cool. Relatable. Honest. Swagger. Gravitas. Real.

This…is Tre Mosley. Voiceover, that SIZZLES.

With a voice that can appeal to the streets, corporate suits, or just be one of the guys, I’ve been heard in promos on Comedy Central, NASCAR, The MLB Network and HBO, corporate narration for Jeep and Pfizer, on the field at the University of Florida, a concert announcer for top International DJ Quentin Mosimann, ESPN, and on various commercials and podcasts across the country. Deemed a natural storyteller, I can be heard in Jaxon’s Magical Adventures, an audiobook by Tamara Shiloh playing several different characters, or the documentary Kings, about the family of Martin Luther King, on the Daystar Network. For all the Madden gamers out there, I am the voice of DJ Tre Mo’ in the Superstar KO Mode for Madden 20.

I have bi-coastal representation by Atlas Talent Agency in New York and Los Angeles.

from the clients themselves

"Tre’s voice is like jazz; cool, gritty, and can flip on a dime. His pleasant bass voice can be both gravelly or melodious depending on your needs, and is sure to command your audience with its gentle authority."
-Sean Daeley
"Tre Speaks for us is an understatement. He is not only talented, blending a unique storytellers voice with a range of tones, tempos and personality, but he is a consummate pro who understands client needs, which makes us a star in our own clients’ eyes. We love working with Tre."
-Bill Horneck, Senior Producer | SFL Media Group
"Tre is a pleasure to work with. He’s creative and takes direction well, and his responsiveness and professionalism improved our project greatly."
-Jeff Mares, Writer & Producer | Proper Medium






LA Office: 310-324-9800
NY Office: 212-730-4500